Welcome to my page!

I’m Shirin and I’m a bioinformatician currently working on Next-Generation-Sequencing analysis of autoinflammatory diseases as part of the AID-NET consortium.

Obviously, I am interested in genetics and genomics but I enjoy playing around with data of all sorts. It’s amazing to me what can be learned from analyzing and visualizing data!

While I am using R every day at work, the thematic scope there is of course very bioinformatics-centric (with a little bit of Machine Learning and lots of visualization and statistics), I wanted to have an incentive to regularly explore other types of analyses and other types of data that I don’t normally work with. I have also very often benefited from other people’s published code in that it gave me ideas for my own work and I hope that sharing my own analyses will inspire others as much as I often am by what can be be done with data.

My tool of choice for data analysis so far has been R.

I created the R package exprAnalysis, designed to streamline my RNA-seq data analysis pipeline. It is available via Github. Instructions for installation and usage can be found here.

This blog will showcase some of the analyses I have been doing with different data sets (all freely available). I will also host teaching materials for students to access in conjunction with R courses I am giving.

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Also check out R-bloggers for lots of cool R stuff!